Who We are

In August 2016, the University of Messina founded the interdepartmental Centre called “Centre for Migration, Social Integration and Intercultural Communication”.

 The Centre was born with the will of setting up the complex of ideas, actions and interventions for the valorisation of human capital expressed by refugees and now Its mission is extended to asylum seekers also. The CEMI acts as promoter of projects for the development of activities and initiatives aimed at integration, in many ways. The aim and the activities of the CEMI Centre are referred to in Art. 2 of the Statute which states: “In view of the institutionalization, qualification and strengthen of the University commitment to the progress of the social and economic system, the fundamental goal of the Centre is to promote projects for the development of activities and initiatives aimed - in many aspects - to multicultural integration and social inclusion. In particular, the activities of the Centre will be directed, mostly but not exclusively, to asylum seekers and holders of status connected to the request for international protection”.

In addition to the reference to the procedures for the recognition of qualifications and the validation of competencies, the Centre has already obtained a wide expertise, from the experimentation of formative experiences dedicated to international students as well as external experts operating in the welcoming supply chain to the realization of activities, also in partnership, funded by national and Community resources.